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Royal Caribbean Scratch Off Poster

Royal Caribbean Scratch Off Poster

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Scratch off the Royal Caribbean cruise ships you've loved and explored - Scratch Off Poster Map • Entire Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Fleet • 18" (H) x 24" (W) • RCL Crown and Anchor Society Membership Points • Includes *NEW* Odyssey and Wonder of the Seas • Great Gift For Seasoned Cruiser • Frame Not Included. 

Scratch off the Royal Caribbean cruise ships you've loved and explored to reveal bold, colorful artwork underneath on this poster designed to beautify any space! The whole Royal Caribbean cruise fleet is represented along with helpful information about the ship's tonnage, maiden voyage date, and total passenger count. Also, keep track of your Crown and Anchor Society membership with the loyalty points scratch off feature. Cherish memories made with friends and family as you work your way to completing the poster with all cruise ships scratched off. This item is a must-have for any seasoned cruiser and is easy to gift as a birthday or Christmas present!

- Easy to scratch, shimmering gold foil is juxtaposed against a perfectly complimentary wavy, royal blue background. Geometric, gem toned art is waiting beneath every ship.

- A guitar pick scratching tool is included in every order as an added bonus!

- Our poster is the perfect size: 18" (H) x 24" (W), to fit most frames. Frame is not included, the ones pictured were bought at target and amazon.

Ships Included:
Vision Class:
- Grandeur of the Seas
- Rhapsody of the Seas
- Enchantment of the Seas
- Vision of the Seas

Radiance Class:
- Radiance of the Seas
- Brilliance of the Seas
- Serenade of the Seas
- Jewel of the Seas

Voyager Class:
- Voyager of the Seas
- Explorer of the Seas
- Adventure of the Seas
- Navigator of the Seas
- Mariner of the Seas

Freedom Class:
- Freedom of the Seas
- Liberty of the Seas
- Independence of the Seas

Quantum Class:
- Quantum of the Seas
- Anthem of the Seas
- Ovation of the Seas
- Spectrum of the Seas
- Odyssey of the Seas

Oasis Class:
- Oasis of the Seas
- Allure of the Seas
- Harmony of the Seas
- Symphony of the Seas
- Wonder of the Seas

- Utopia of the Seas

Icon Class:

- Icon of the Seas

Loyalty Point Membership Levels:
- Gold (3 points)
- Platinum (30 points)
- Emerald (55 points)
- Diamond (80 points)
- Diamond Plus (175 points)
- Pinnacle Club (700 points)

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